Vision and Mission

Our Vision

  • Empowering community to attain the entitlements of socio-economic, cultural, political spheres with enjoying civil
  • To conduct and sound and feasible welfare and development programmes at remote, far-flung humanity, to join the mission to ensure INDIA as development nation.
  • To Co-operate and join hands with the funding agencies for the high impact of following welfare and development programmes of Government and general lawful activities.


Our Mission

At present, our organization is undertaking various activities at grass root level to give a new shape of the project area on all fronts-socio-economic and other social parameters. In short we have got the mission of Empowering the
community and develop them by organizing different types of programmes like:
1) Community health and family welfare programmes.
2) Community Infrastructure programmes.
3) Human Resource Development Programmes, having thrust on skill development program, to be conducted on wide network on through the scattered tiny NGO and Panchayat representative.
4) Information interchanges network foundation.
5) Provide immediate relief solution, to the people at grass-root.
6) Perform Health Research and explain its benefits to the mass people.