Educational for All

Limra Social Welfare Society is a registered voluntary organisation working with vulnerable groups of children and youth since 2013. With a right based approach the organisation endeavours to impart Free Primary Education up to IV standard to vulnerable children so that they become eligible for admission in secondary school.

The main programmes of the “Education for All” are Basic Primary Education, Life Skills programme, Financial Literacy, Hygiene & Cleanliness, Children’ Media (radio, video, newspaper and theatre), Vocational Training includes Digital Literacy, Art & Crafts, Physical Education & Sports with the help of Teaching Learning Materials (TLM) viz. Audio-Visual, Teaching Aids, Educational Software in a Joyful Learning Environment.

Through this initiative Limra Social Welfare Society intends to reach out to 400-500 vulnerable children who are out of school, especially street and working children, children of homeless/migrants families and children of families at risk in Chopra Block, mainstream them in proposed formal school through “Educational for All” project, enhance their life skills, build capacities of parents and community awareness for protecting and promoting children’s rights. The children would access quality education/life skill and continue their formal schooling.

Health Care Camp

Limra Social Welfare Society is a registered voluntary organisation endeavours to organize a Free Health Care Camp for under privilege people of Chopra Block. Health Care Camp includes First Aid, Blood Donation Camp, Eye & Ear Check up, Dengue-Malaria etc. 

“Society is an important part of our lives and therefore growth and upliftment of society is very important for overall growth. With our consistent efforts and deeds we always wanted to improve the health condition of people. This Health Care Camp will help people to get health benefits. 

We will approach Block Medical Officer of Health (BMOH) for guidance, arranging specialized physicians, blood collection van, and promotional health awareness literature (Information Education and Communication-IEC materials) for distribution. 

Around 450 people will get treatment facility from the Health Care Camp. The Health Care Camp will provide free tests for Health check-up, Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Eye, Ear, Dental check-up and offer counselling & treatment by trained Doctors and Specialists from nearby Medical College and Hospital will attend the camp upon invitation. We will also approach Indian Medical Association and other specialized medical association for specialist physician and volunteer.

Before organize the Health Care camp the volunteers will put up banners and distribute leaflets in the surrounding areas, to create awareness about the camp to inform in huge flock of people to attend the camp and share their problems.

Awareness Programme

Limra Social Welfare Society is a registered voluntary organisation endeavours to organize awareness programme to promote the mission of Swachh Bharat Mission Gramin (SBMG) to bring about a positive attitudinal change of adults to end the highly unsanitary practice of open defecation which translates into one new low cost toilet being built and make habit to use it. We will focus population of Chopra Block that lacked access to toilets and latrines, and other basic sanitation facilities which in turn hastens the transmission of fecal-oral transmitted diseases and depletes vital nutrients in growing children. 

Through the Awareness Camp we can change attitude and mentality of community people, so that they will try to adopt the good habits, we can’t say that from today not a single person litter or defecate outside. But yes, we can say that however slowly and steadily they will learn not to defecate outside. And there will be  difference at all the railway stations are more clean compared to earlier.

For fulfilling the Gandhi Ji’s dream of clean India, we the team of Limra Social Welfare Society redirect the cleanliness drive in Chopra Block.

Everything required cleaning, from temples to market to rivers to roads. So to make our campaign successful we will involve Villagers, Volunteers and School students for taking part in it and performing their Social norm. 

We will distribute Pamphlets that impart the awareness of cleanliness that, “why cleanliness is important in our life?”. We will distribute T-shirts to the Volunteers and the villagers who will take part in the campaign. 

People usually clean their own houses, but unfortunately they don’t care of the garbage lying outside their homes and on the streets. One of the purposes of this campaign is to motivate people to not only clean their houses, but also care for the cleanliness of their country. Rules are also made for cleanliness, but people don’t follow them. Most of the time, people do not aware of these rules, 

Our campaign purposes is that too aware the people from these rules. If there are strong rules and people have seen exemplary punishments or they have to pay fines for violation, then they will definitely follow the rules to clean their community.