NATIONAL FESTIVAL DAY CELEBRATION – The organization conducted the programme in UTTAR DINAJPUR District of WEST BENGAL State. Our society time to time celebrate national festival & other importance day and also organized of seminar and conference on various economic and social issues. The society regularly conveys its greetings to the people on important occasions like Republic Day, Independence Day, Environment Day, Aids Day, Women Day.
The Society regularly celebrate all National Festival Days.



MINORITY, SC & ST POOR STUDENTS FREE COMPUETR TRAINING – The organization conducted the programme FREE COMPUTER TRANING COURSE for Minority, SC, ST & OBC Students in UTTAR DINAJPUR District of WEST BENGAL State. Minority, SC, & ST stress describe chronically high level stress faced by member of Minority, SC, ST groups. It may be caused by a number of factors, including poor social support and low socioeconomic status, but the most well understood causes of Minority, SC, ST stress are interpersonal prejudice and discrimination.
Our society implemented to provide free coaching to students belonging to other backward classes(OBCs) Minorities, ST, & SC. With a view to ensure effective implementation and monitoring and to assist the students in a better manner, the separate coaching schemes for SCs, OBCs and Minorities were amalgamated and a combined course.


WOMENS AWARNESS PROGRAMME – The organization conducted the programme in UTTAR DINAJPUR District of WEST BENGAL state. Economic empowerment is a sine quanon for elevating the status of women in our society. One possible approach towards achieving this end could be through entrepreneurship development.
Through entrepreneurship development a women will not only generate income for herself but also generate employment for other women in the locality. This will have a multiplier effect in the generation of income and poverty alleviation. According to society many causes of poverty in INDIA and which main causes are poor status of women ,less job opportunity & low income are make vicious circle of poverty.


HEALTH & FAMILY WELFARE PROGRAMME – The organization organized many programme in UTTAR DINAJPUR District of West Bengal.Our society organized Free Health Camp for poor people and their for good health.
Population stabilization has been a priority area for sustaining the process of economic development in the country. This has been also the focus of successive five years plans.
But the burden of disease continues to be important. Our society organized a series of health camps on a regular basis in different districts of West Bengal.


EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION – The organization organized adult Education Centre and it has smoothly run under the proper supervision of our organization. To help the needy student of all communities for theprosecution of studies. To publish or cause useful literature, magazines etc. Without profit motive.
Arrange and organize lectures, debates, discussion, seminars and excursion of diffusion of knowledge.



POPULATION CONTROL PROGRAMME – The organization conducted the programme in Uttar Dinajpur District of West Bengal state present scenario India faced the challenge of increasing population explosion. The greatest failure since independent has been our inability to prevent exponential increase in population. With over one billion population, it is indeed a disturbing thought that we have over 300 million people who lives below the proverty line and go hungry line and go hungry to bed every night. The state of deprivation for such a large chunk of population could not gone further. India has more than 400 million uneducated people, with mounting problems of unemployment, lack of shelter, proverty and malnutrition. This situation in the ultimate analysis is likely to result in a revolt against the present system.


GIRLS EDUCATION PROGRAMME – The organization conducted the programme of Girls Education Programme in Uttar Dinajpur district of West Bengal state. Adolescent girls and matured girls are educated and trained by the organization to development the business skill and production of commercial goods in their own home.
Our organization is running this programme being one of the parts of overall strategy of universalisation of Elementary Education.


BETI BACHAO BETI PADAO PROGRAMME – The organization few programme of Central Govt. scheme of “Beti Bachao Beti Padao” in Uttar dinajpur district of West Bengal. Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi enounced the practicen of female foeticide, saying such discrimination reflects “mental illness” and displays a mindset “worse than people in the 18th century” Pm also hit out at social mores, criticizing the common belief that girls are “someone else’s property” and it is the boys who look after the parents. “we cannot call ourselves citizens of 21st century by practicing such a crime — we are worse than people in the 18th century when newly born baby girls were drowned in a bowl of milk. At least they allowed those girls to see their mother’s face, see the world for a few moments. We do not even allow that because we do not even
let them be born” said Modi.


VOCATIONAL TRAINING PROGRAMME – The organization conducted the programme NDLM & Hardware and Networking vocational course for poor Minority, SC, and ST Students. That’s Vocational course makes in the democratic, economic, social and cultural spheres of life. This discussion among the all students is the means trough which they give voice to their needs and it proves to be a platform for addressing their social and economic problems and enlightening their inner selves as well. Our society is working for the formation and teaches about NDLM & Hardware and Networking. According to society this vocational course is necessity for change economic and social standards of all students.


ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION PROGRAMME – The organization conducted the programme in Uttar Dinajpur district of West Bengal. Environmental protection programme. Our organization arrange a programme for protect the Environment, tree plants distribution free. That’s plant save our society for pollution. Environmental protection is a practice of protecting the natural Environmental or organization or governmental levels,for the benefit of both the environment and humans. Our organization arrange many programme of Protect Environment SAVE WATER, VEHICLE POLLUTION. For Environmental protection to become a reality, it is important for society to develop each of these areas that, together will inform and drive environmental decision.


AGRICULTURE PROGRAMME – The organization conducted the programme in Uttar Dinajpur district of West Bengal state. Agriculture of West Bengal, Our society arrange a progrmme about Agriculture for small village’s farmers. It is our society mainly responsible for the activities relating to policy decision on agricultural production and productivity and its extension through technology, generation, transfer of technology, ensuring availability and timely distribution of agriculture inputs specially seeds, fertilizers, subsidy, credit, etc. along with support service through soil testing, soil conservations, water conservations, Seeds testing , seed certification, plan production, Quality control of fertilizers and pesticides.


SWACHH BHARAT MISSION – Our society fully works Swach Bharat Mission scheme of central Govt. The government is aiming to achieve open-defecation free (ODF) India bye 2 October 2019, 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, by constructing 12 crore toilets in rural India, at a projects cost of 1.96 lakh crore. Narendra Modi spoke of the need for toilets in his 2014 Independence Day speech starting. Has it ever pained us that our mother and sisters have to defecate in open ? poor womenfolk of the village wait for the night ,until darkness descends, they can’t go out to defecate.

Our Organization arrange sansad wise meeting about the scheme of Swachh Bharat Mission. That’s called by Sansad Sova, our society inviting Prodhan, Panchayat samiti member, both member and BDO, for their short speech about the central Govt scheme of Swachh Bharat Mission for all villagers to use toilets only for good health good society.

When the girl students reaches the age, where she realized this lack of female toilets in the school she leaves her education midway. Our daughters must also get equal chance to quality education. After 70 years of Independence there should have been separate toilets for girls students in every school.

“Come-on India lets join Swachh Bharat Mission”

“Hum sab ka aak hi naara, saf suthara ho desh hamara”