LIMRA SOCIAL WELFARE SOCIETY, a non government organisation, is the first grant-making institution in Uttar Dinajpur working for the upliftment of poor and needy people. The Foundation supports individuals, community-based organization, and networks that work to secure social change and protect the rights of people. LIMRA SOCIAL WELFARE SOCIETY provides small grants and fellowships towards erasing the demarcation that has been caused in the society as a result caste base policies of the government and nurturing future leaders for the movement. The aim is to build capacity of our partners in the order to execute effective grassroots level interventions. We are also committed towards building a strong line of leadership for the Movements. Hence, through two of our programmes, viz the Young Professionals Programme, we engage with youth and the Professionals from diverse fields.

LIMRA SOCIAL WELFARE SOCIETY was born out of an imperative need for institutional support for activities and organizations involved in communities; struggle for equality. This is the society mission.


Reason To Establish

LIMRA SOCIAL WELFARE SOCIETY pursues the world’s most important value – equality – and works to end the injustice being done in the name of forward caste. By so doing, the Foundation works for the whole of humankind, its deep commitment to social justice and human rights for all.

1. Based on the believe of EQUITY, JUSTICE & CO-OPERATION to formulate, organized and operate the all projects/programmed Master plan etc. For the Speedy integrated sustainable RESOURCE MANAGEMENT, for TOTAL. rehabilitation, welfare and development of farmers/labors rural citizen and establish, to be counted among the most pioneering innovative farmer focused and self supporting organization and make INDIA as GLOBAL, AGRICULTURAL HERITAGE.

2. Introduce the latest tested technologies [LAB &. LAND] into farm and farm product development Infrastructure for complete break-through and adaption of technologies in Agriculture.

3. To undertake, organize and carry out all the development activities regarding Agriculture regarding water climate and environment changes, watershed development, special programmed for farmers in distress, farmer and farm laborer welfare, HRD in farm sector, technology dissemination and management market and marketing, National and international trade matters, farm mechanization ‘income assurance and crop insurance, Agriculture Credit, rural deposit mobilization, Utilities crop husbandry, livestock development, animal nutrition, mechanization in animal husbandry livestock development, animal nutrition, mechanization in animal husbandry quality improvements in animal food production, poultry development, seeds and planting material development, Fertilizers and plant nutrients, pesticides management, value addition and processing, inland fisheries development, energy smart. agriculture promotion high tech farming management, Farm information and communication system development. Conduct agricultural researches in bio-technologies and Genetically Modified [GM] crops, optimum utilizes of Farm/land. Database of land and utilities, utilities of alternative energies in agriculture sector as well as rural population.

4. To shape-up the innovative ideas formulated and undertake the project of Resource Development, Health and Family Welfare, Rural Engineering and Development, MME Projects, Food processing, Housing And Development, Housing and Urban development, Women and child Development Poverty Alleviation Projects. Sustainable Development Projects, Labour & Employment Generation programmes, New and Renewal Energy Research and utilities programs, Minority Affairs and Forest Development Programmes, Information Technologies Research and Utilities Programmes. Water Resource Management Programmes, Economic Development programme, Youth Affairs and Development programme, Tribals Rehabilitation. Welfare AND Development programmes, Human Right issues, Conservation And Protection, Legal Right, Generation Programmes, Disaster Management Programmes, Sports and Cultural Development programmes, Stop Terrorism and National ‘International peace Programmers and all other events, as would be arise in future.

5. The Society will be based on the PRINCIPLES of Zero-Profit, Non-Political, Non-Religious, Non-Castiest, Non-Sex discrimination and having STRONG Believe in Indian Constitution and Law of LAND and in status as autonomous legislative body.

6. To undertake, carryout, promote, sponsor, discharge, fulfill, participate, collaborate, manage and organize the Programmes with Technical, Financial and Other supports with people’s co-operation, ‘Indian and other Governments, Foreign funding agencies, Companies under Corporate Social Responsibility, UNO and it’s Agencies and others, on account of Entry Fee, Membership Pee, Public Donation, Corpus Money, Security Deposit, Secured’unsecured Loan, Grant-in-Aids [Cash & Kinds] and others, to carry our all necessary acts, for the achievement of the objectives of YOUNG.